Wedding Host

What’s a Wedding Host and do you actually need one?

Can you remember the last wedding that you went to?

Were there awkward gaps or silences? Did the guests get lost or miss the first dance?

Did the appointed wedding venue staff member or the designated family member make a hash out of important announcements?

If you said ‘Yes’ these are some reasons why a professional wedding host should be considered!

A wedding host is someone that can take care of all of the above and much more, I can offer you the complete peace of mind that your wedding will run exactly as you have planned it to and adapt plans where timings and other suppliers may go ‘off piste’.

The role of a wedding host is very similar to that of a professional master of ceremonies but not as formal or traditionalist as a Toastmaster. This modern approach allows for a perfect balance of tradition and personal tastes with a more subtle level of formality that is delivered in a far more flexible and personable manner.


Your Wedding Host Service from £395

Personal Approach -

A Wedding Host will assume the responsibility of your wedding day and will do everything a Wedding Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies will do, but his performance will be more flexible and natural. 

If you dream of your wedding being a relaxed and fun day whilst ensuring that everything behind the scenes runs like clockwork. 

Each wedding inspires a bespoke approach to make the announcements and actions contextual and representative of the couple and I will take all of this hard work from you. 

As your wedding host I can also conduct Mr & Mrs/Partner Quizzes or fun bingo to ensure no awkward silences are had!

Think as me as your PA on the day! I will even bring a goody hamper with fragrances, chewing gum, emergency speeches, spare reading glasses and a few safety pins!

A Brides P.O.V -

Hi ladies,

I have to say that for my wedding that we opted to have a Toastmaster as I had seen how effective a Toastmaster was at my friends wedding. Basically the Toastmaster will ensure that everything on the day runs on rails and to time. As you know, a wedding day can be very frantic with nobody looking after the timings and getting people where they need to be etc. Our Toastmaster did this with so much professionalism and tradition that it was brilliant to have him around for the day. It was definitely money well spent as it also allowed the Bestman and the Ushers to enjoy the day rather being worried about doing their duties.

All of the speeches etc are announced correctly and all of the public speaking required on the day is done by the Toastmaster in his smart red uniform. I would strongly recommend you having a professional Toastmaster on your day. Some hotels offer a toastmaster (ie: a member of their staff!) but they are not there solely as Toastmaster they are just doing the announcements as a sideline amongst their mountains of other work and its not great.

Hope that this helps ladies.

Vicky ?