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Vee and Kieran at Weston Hall Bulkington

We had the honour of providing equipment and technician hire for Vee and Kieran’s magical wedding at Weston Hall in Bulkington. The evening was truly spectacular, and we were delighted to play a part in making their special day unforgettable.

Vee and Kieran took to a stunning 12x12ft LED dance floor, which lit up the room and added a touch of glamour to their celebration. This illuminated platform provided a perfect stage for their romantic dance, captivating all the guests.

To enhance the atmosphere, we also provided dry ice, creating a beautiful low-lying fog that enveloped the dance floor. This effect added a dreamy quality to their first dance, making it feel like they were floating on a cloud.

Additionally, the indoor cool sparks created a dazzling display that wowed everyone present. These safe, spectacular sparks added a sense of excitement and wonder to the evening, perfectly timed to highlight key moments of the celebration.

The combination of these elements—the LED dance floor, dry ice, and indoor cool sparks—created a truly mesmerising experience. The careful coordination of our equipment and technician hire ensured everything ran smoothly, allowing Vee and Kieran to enjoy their night to the fullest.

Weston Hall Bulkington provided a picturesque backdrop for the event. Its elegant setting and beautiful surroundings made it an ideal location for Vee and Kieran’s wedding, contributing to the overall magical ambiance of the evening.

Congratulations to Vee and Kieran! We wish you a lifetime filled with love, joy, and countless cherished memories.

IMG 3840
IMG 3840

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