top five concerns when hiring a wedding dj

Top Five concerns when hiring a Wedding DJ

As part of our Continued Professional Development we subscribe to a number of trade publications.

One of the features we’ve read this month is the concerns surrounding the hiring of a Wedding DJ, this has inspired us to write this post adding some of our own solutions to the perceived problems the author suggests are at the fore of couples minds.

Concern number 1 – The DJ failing to turn up on the day or the equipment malfunctions.

We must all realise that we live in a far-from-perfect world, things beyond our control happen often with little or no notice that we must be able to overcome whether that be a vehicle breakdown, accident, illness or an instance where compasionate leave of absence may be required.

I’ve been DJing for a long time now and for the most part I’ve attended and delivered on every commitment I have made, that said there were some instances a few years ago where a dynamic and flexible approach was been required.

So we want to make it very clear that once we take your booking, we are 100% committed to providing our best possible efforts and services.

We always have a contingency in place should the plan go ‘off-pist’ we carry back up equipment, always have a spare (equally talented and experienced) DJ available and of course we communicate any problems along with possible solutions at the earliest oppotunity so there are no suprises for you!

This is also a good time to highlight our online client area again, as your planning and music request lists are all stored on this system ‘in the cloud’ they will always be accessble.

We will always perform, if for whatever reason we fail to at least meet your expectaions we will compensate you accordingly.

Concern number 2 – Is the DJ going to talk over all the songs?

The perception of a Wedding DJ has improved over recent years but there are still those stereotypical cheesy DJs out there! – thankfully they are not here!

Our DJs only use the microphone as and necessary, either for first dance announcements or to encourage the guests to the dancefloor, certainly no ‘shabbas’ ‘taxi shout outs’ or what i witnessed at a friends wedding; ‘I know that I’m at a friends wedding but can I borrow the Microphone to propose to my Girlfriend’ :/ – No way Jose, not on our watch!

Concern number 3 – Is the DJ going to make himself the centre of attention?

It’s a no from me! – Your event is about you, from the outset everything that we prepare for has you at the centre, our DJs are consumate professionals and are there to gurantee the success of your wedding entertainment.

Concern number 4 – Is the DJ going to ignore all of our music requests?

Believe it or not, this type of DJ still exits, you pay your monies and the DJ gets to play his top 100 favourite songs (again, like he did at the last wedding and the one before etc).

We provide the online client area as a valuable tool, not as a gimmick. Your musical choices take centre-stage and we invite you to compile 3 lists of music; Love it, Like it and Hate it! It’s probably no suprise that the latter is often the most popular!

Another worry is taking requests on the night from your guests. As your Wedding DJ it is down to use to manage the evenings music, if you want us to play the guest requests we will do (unless of course it is on your Hate it list!)

Concern number 5 – What if the guests become bored ‘ don’t dance?

Evening wedding receptions are dynamic occasions that seldom run to schedule, they also experience natural ‘ebbs and flows’ this is normal especially in the height of summer!

This is where planning is important as we can make the appropriate adjustments when necessary, there is little point ‘ramping-up’ the dance floor if we know that the buffet will be opened in five minutes as this ‘false-start’ can have long-lasting repercutions, this is where we are delighted to offer our experience should you so require.


our promise:

Stuart and I have just returned from our honeymoon and we both wanted to say thank you for being part of our day. The Music Was Brilliant!

Claire & Stuart

Wadenhoe House

Our Wedding Disco was fantastic! Unlike most DJs you actually played peoples requests as well as the numerous songs that were asked for. Thank you for providing a great service!

Katherine & Mark

Priest House Hotel

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Friendly, Flexible Service.
Your Wedding, Your Way.
Appropriately Dressed.
Subtle Microphone use.
Listens and Works with you.
Online Client Area.
Modern Equipment.
Professional Approach.
Contingency Planning.
High Standards.
Written Confirmation
PAT inspected.
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Legitimate business.

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What our couples say:

Thank you for being one of our amazing wedding suppliers, you played a huge part of our day and will be forever grateful!

Hannah & David

Hothorpe Hall

I just wanted to say thank you for creating the most wonderful party atmostphere at Laura and Dans wedding at Kilworth House Hotel.

Your truly skillful, professional organisation and performance topped what had been an already great day!

Dawn Graham

Kilworth House Hotel

We were very impressed with the disco. You played a range of music appealing to all ages, playing the songs we had requested.

You were courteous and professional who was able to organise the crowd which made the evening enjoyable!

Cathy & Crispin

Kelmarsh Hall

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