Table Photo Dash / DJ Vs Photographer

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Table Photo Dash / DJ Vs Photographer

Are you looking for a creative and efficient way to take group photos at your wedding? Look no further than a Table Photo Dash! This unique approach allows the bride, groom and photographer to take group photos with everyone at each table in a designated amount of time (typically 1-2 songs).

Not only does this ensure that every guest gets a photo, but it also saves time by setting a specific time limit. With only six minutes to take photos at each table, you can breeze through the process and get back to celebrating with your guests.

To make the process even smoother, consider creating a schedule or map of tables beforehand to keep everything organised. You can also inform guests ahead of time so they can prepare and be ready to take their photo when the time comes.

Overall, a Table Photo Dash is a fun and efficient way to capture memories with all of your guests. Give it a try at your wedding and see how it turns out!

Best Wishes, Wayne

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