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St Mary’s Guildhall Coventry Wedding DJ

DJ Wedding Disco welcomes inquiries from Couples who need a Wedding DJ at St Mary’s Guildhall Coventry.

This Wedding Venue in Warwickshire may already have preferred or recommended suppliers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t consider a DJ Wedding Disco service!

If you’re looking for a Wedding DJ that will listen to you, take your requests and play great music that your guests can enjoy then we are the wedding DJ service for you.

We have designed our Wedding DJ website to offer a great user experience, to get you to the information you need as quick as possible or you can Contact Us

Wedding Wows with St Mary’s Guildhall Coventry Wedding DJ.

We are pleased to be able to offer our LED Starlit Dance Floors in addition to St Mary’s Guildhall Coventry. We also offer giant LOVE Letters, monograms, Sparkulars, Venue Uplighting, Dry Ice and Confetti Cannons.

Hopefully we’ve given you a little more information about how a Wedding DJ Disco package would be the ideal way to wrap up a perfect day with our St Mary’s Guildhall Coventry service.

If there’s anything we’ve not covered here, we’d be more than happy to discuss this with you at a complimentary Consultation Meeting here or at St Mary’s Guildhall Coventry.

There’s no obligation to book – we just love to talk weddings!

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We're rated 5 Stars by our Couples! Could this be you at St Mary’s Guildhall Coventry?
"Wayne was professional and easy to deal with. Loved the Couple Area, Thanks Mate!"
"Everyone throughly enjoyed the music and were dancing all night! Would recommend"
Fantastic DJ. Setup was fab, the DJ looked the part and the music was amazing"

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Experienced Wedding DJs.
Friendly, Flexible Service.
Your Wedding, Your Way.
Appropriately Dressed.
Subtle Microphone use.
Listens and Works with you.
Online Couple Area.
Modern Equipment.
Professional Approach.
Contingency Planning.
High Standards.
Written Confirmation.
Portable Appliance Tested (PAT).
Public Liability Insurance (PLI).
RAMS Paperwork.
Legitimate business.

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