Sparkulars hire for Weddings

(aka Cold Sparks / Indoor Fireworks / Spark Streams).

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Sparkulars are an alternative spark effect to traditional indoor pyrotechnics.

Alternative as they are quite safe to use indoors without fears of scorching your venues rare drapes and getting a bill for damage!

Sparks are created by heating up special granules, there’s no naked flames or fireworks involved! When ejected the sparks are cool to the touch.

How much is Wedding Sparkular Hire?

A pair of units are typically £250 to hire inclusive of enough granules for an effect lasting up to 60 seconds.

Longer effects and more units are available and we recommend sparklers in pairs.

Coverage for Wedding Sparkular Hire

Based in Northamptonshire we cover the county and surrounding areas.

Cold Spark Hire | Spark Stream Hire | Sparkular Hire | Indoor Spark hire.

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