Should I use the Venues choice of DJ?


Should I use the Venues choice of DJ?

Many wedding venues will encourage you to use their ‘preferred’ or ‘recommended’ suppliers.

In many instances this is based on good experiences of those suppliers, however there are also some instances where venues get a ‘kick-back’ from those suppliers.

This means that they may receive payment from a supplier for introducing them to you.

Therefore the venues recommendation may be more about profit than protecting your Wedding Day.

All we will say as freelancers is;

When you last went into a coffee shop, did the barista tell you what to drink? 😉

What our couples say:

Wayne DJ’d at our wedding and he was fantastic! Everyone had a great night and we had the best time.
"Wayne was professional and easy to deal with. Loved the Couple Area, Thanks Mate!"
"Everyone throughly enjoyed the music and were dancing all night! Would recommend"
Fantastic DJ. Setup was fab, the DJ looked the part and the music was amazing"

Our Promise:

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Experienced Wedding DJs.
Friendly, Flexible Service.
Your Wedding, Your Way.
Appropriately Dressed.
Subtle Microphone use.
Listens and Works with you.
Online Couple Area.
Modern Equipment.
Professional Approach.
Contingency Planning.
High Standards.
Written Confirmation.
Portable Appliance Tested (PAT).
Public Liability Insurance (PLI).
RAMS Paperwork.
Legitimate business.

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Should I use the Venues choice of DJ?