Separate PA Hire for Weddings


A Separate PA system allows you the freedom to personalise your wedding a little earlier than normal on your Wedding Day.

I can set it up to allow for Ceremony Music, Grand Entrance Music and for Background Music during the reception.

Alternatively you may have a second room at your wedding venue that you wish to use as a ‘chillout room’? maybe your bar is in a separate room but you’d like the dance floor music to be heard by your guests? or do you have a BBQ, Fireworks outside or a Firepit on the terrace?

Whatever your reasons for needing a separate PA system at your wedding, you can collaborate with us to design some epic playlists that reflect your tastes.

In addition to music we can add wireless microphones to the system for vocal reinforcement during speeches.

Microphones: A range of Wired and wireless microphones that can be handheld, lapel clipped or a desktop mounted conference style are available depending on your requirements.

Speakers: Come in a variety of shapes and power, to suit the number of guests, the size of the room (and it’s acoustics). They are all Bose speakers and I have both mains powered and battery powered systems.

Music: My systems come with Bluetooth and Audio Jack plug so that you can connect/plug in your own device. If you prefer I can leave a touchscreen device connected to the system with pre-curated playlists.