Beautiful Bride in White Dress and Groom in Stylish Black Suit Celebrate Wedding at an Evening Reception Party. Newlyweds Dancing at a Venue with Best Multiethnic Diverse Friends.

Stock image used as there were no formalities such as a first dance at this wedding.

Sarah and Joe at Cranford Hall

We had a great time at Sarah and Joes wedding at Cranford Hall near Kettering.

The couple were after an uber-cool, laid back party vibe without any of the usual wedding formalities (hence no first dance photo!).

They booked the All Day DJ package which was professionally delivered by DJ Gary.

We took our ultra-modern looking setup that is designed to look good and have a small footprint with the lighting effects distributed around the outside of the room, rather than overwhelming one corner of the room!

As you can see from the images below, this ultra-modern look involves the whole room without taking over it. I am am hoping that more and more couples will choose this style of booth for their weddings!

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