Silver photo booth with decor shiny and led strips with text party time. Zone with sparkling sequins. Glittery festive wall for wedding. A place for congratulations on birthday. Happy New Year 2023.

Neon Signs hire for Weddings

**Illuminate Your Event with Lyric-Inspired Neon Signs**

Add a unique and romantic touch to your wedding or event with our lyric-inspired neon signs! Perfect for DJ booths, our neon signs feature popular song lyrics like “It’s a love story” and “Crazy in love,” bringing a vibrant and personalised atmosphere to your celebration.

We offer a range of stock neons available for hire at just £50, adding an affordable yet stylish flair to your venue. For those looking to make a lasting impression, our custom neon signs are available for £500. These bespoke signs can feature your favourite lyrics or personal messages and are yours to keep as a cherished memento of your special day.

Our neon signs not only enhance your event’s décor but also create the perfect backdrop for memorable photos. Illuminate your love story with our stunning neon signs – a glowing addition to any celebration.

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