Music Policy


When hiring a DJ, you are hiring a professional whom will aim to keep your dancefloor as busy as possible, for as long as possible! We do this by carefully choosing what to play and when!

To help us to achieve this, our music policy is ‘all things ‘chart/commercial/recognisable’ from the past 60 years (depending on the age of your guests of course!).

We are able to work within your brief, and welcome your requests before and during your celebration, but we do ask that your requests do not total more than 50% of the live DJing time available. This is to allow the DJ the flexibility with the remaining 50% of the time to work with your guests to keep the dance floor occupied!

We are not genre-specific DJ’s or ‘Juke-Boxes’, we are all-round Wedding and Event DJ’s!

We do not accept bookings where there are strict playlists for the entire evening (for example ‘play this followed by this then this’) or where you require one style/genre of music whether that is RnB/Hip Hop/House/Garage/Indie/SKA/Reggae etc. We can do sets of these throughout the night, but not entire nights nor just one or two genres, for this we recommend an iPod!!

For example; if UK Chart music isn’t your entire scene or taste, we can incorporate International Music and/or Genre-Specific Sets! We have played at Weddings where Afrobeats, Traditional Folk, Iranian and French music genres have featured alongside more traditional UK celebration music.

If you are looking for some music ideas, you can view our previous couples request lists here

Best Wishes, Wayne

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