When it comes to choosing the right DJ for you, it’s just as much about how they play the music as it is playing the right songs at the right time to suit the crowd and the mood!

Anybody can press play when another song stops or follow a playlist, but when you are paying for a DJ, you are paying for a particular set of skills such as ‘reading’ the dance floor to ensure the track selection is correct, the style of transition or mix won’t alienate your guests!

I can tailor my delivery style to suit all the above and more! Please find below some of my favourite mixes complete with blends/chops/transitions/key matched/BPM matched/loops etc. all of which are used only where they are not out of place!

[mixcloud width=400 height=250 dark=1]

[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1]
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