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Can we request our own music?

ABSOLOUTELY – It is your wedding after all!

All we advise is that you leave the DJ a little flexibility to ensure the ability to transition between the genres and decades to keep your guests and the dance floor ‘alive’.

How much do you charge?

We offer a modular service meaning that our price is based on the requirements of each individual couple.

We can advise that our evening DJ prices start at £395, the average spend with us is £795 and some customers spend as much as £1,500 if they require dance floors, dry ice etc.

What time would you arrive?

Contractually we aim to arrive no later than one hour before the start time, however practically we like to arrive two hours before the start time.

If you require us to setup earlier in the day, there is a small additional charge but we can offer you use of the PA system to play your music.

The setup and performance times are always clearly displayed on your booking contract.

Do you have PAT & PLI?

As a responsible wedding supplier with have £10m Public Liability Insurance and all equipment is Portable Appliance Tested.

How is booking confirmed?

Once you express an interest to confirm a booking, we will email you a booking form for you to review.

Once you have read through this and are happy to book you can click the link within the document to e-sign (electronically sign) and confirm.

You will then be automatically transferred to a payment gateway where you can pay your booking fee by PayPal or bank transfer.

Can we meet up to discuss requirements?

Generally speaking we have found over the last couple of years that the majority of our couples don’t wish to meet in person at their wedding venue anymore.

This is largely down to technology advances such as Zoom, Facetime or Skype.

If you would prefer an ‘in person’ meeting this would have to be a weekday evening as at the weekend weddings on that day take priority! 

What do you wear?

Our ‘go to’ is business casual so a smart shoes, a suit and open-neck shirt (no gaudy company-branded t-shirts!).

If the event is a little more formal we can wear a tux/black tie or we can wear something a little more casual such as shoes, jeans and tucked in shirt.

You can tell us what you’d like during our initial meeting.


What is your availability?

My availability changes on a daily basis. The most-popular in-season dates can get booked up well in advance so it does pay you to be proactive in securing your wedding DJ!

Use our availability checker now to see if we are available!

Do you do Karaoke?

No. 🙂

Can I work with a band?

Yes, we will even liaise with a band in advance of your wedding to ensure that we don’t play any songs on their set list.

However we cannot share our standard PA with a band or singer, if this is a requirement we can can spec and price up a suitable PA system.

What's your view on cheese?

Whilst we are not uber-cool, we are also not uber-cheesy!

Performance wise; We only use the microphone as and when required, we don’t introduce songs either (as we are not radio DJ’s!) but nor do we stand there looking bored and not engaging with your guests!

In terms of music, one persons cheese is another persons gold! We will take your lead on the definition of cheese!

What I can say is, I do actively try to avoid Agadoo but I will play the macarena if requested! 

What deposit do you require?

We ask for just 20% of the total fee as your deposit.

When is the balance due?

two calendar months, 8 weeks or 56 days before your wedding date!

Payment can be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer. Invoices and Payment receipts can be found in your couples area.

Is the lighting and sound equipment included?

Audio and Lighting equipment in addition to the DJs time are all included within our packages.

The specifics of the equipment all change per package and per any addons you book but all equipment will be listed on your booking contract.

What happens if our DJ is ill or breaks down en-route?

If we are ill or become unavoidable indisposed we will give you as much notice as possible with options to either credible alternatives or a full refund.

In respect of vehicle issues; we have comprehensive AA cover that includes;

  • Cover for us and our vehicles.
  • At Home Assistance.
  • National Recovery
  • Onward Travel
Your quote is higher than some other suppliers; what do you do differently?

The best way to answer this is by taking us up on our offer of a free, no-obligation Zoom meeting.

Or you can get a fair idea by reading through our website and couple testimonials. 

What area do you cover?

We have bases in Daventry and Lutterworth and are happy to travel throughout the UK although typically our Weddings are held throughout the Midlands.

We include the first 50 miles of travel within our package prices and charge a nominal travel fee of £1 per mile after this.

How much space do you require?

Approximately about 2 metres by 1 metre. We require 2 plug sockets capable of powering up to 2kw of power, with no fluctuations. All performance areas must be 100% weather proof.

Do you need a break or require food?

For evening only packages we don’t expect to be catered for, however all day packages where we are unable to leave the wedding venue we would appreciate both some refreshments and a break between the day and evenings proceedings.

What style of service do you offer?
We offer a Contemporary, Professional and Friendly Wedding Disco. All of our DJs are time-served professionals that are well presented and have a clear microphone technique that they only employ as and when necessary, they won’t babble on over songs or attempt to do stand up comedy but they will be friendly, welcoming and courteous to your guests. Our Music ethos is quite simply to play good music that you and your guests can enjoy! – We actively offer a Contemporary approach to the music played and are quite happy not to rely on just cheesy Music for your Event.
What Experience do you have?
We have been offering our Contemporary, Professional and Friendly Wedding Disco and associated services for discerning couples for the past Five years and normally perform at between 30 and 40 Weddings each year. Most of our DJs are mid to late Twenties and I fit in this bracket at 28.
What Music Do you play?
Our collection and the service we offer can perhaps be further described as all things commercial, This takes in most genres that are friendly to family occasions such as current chart and popular hits from the past Ten years including House, chart RnB, Indie and Britpop. In addition to this we are happy to play short sets of Mobile Classics such as popular tracks from the late 1950’s, 1960’s,1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s.
Can we choose the songs that you play?

Using our Intelligent website we offer all of our clients access to our online Client Area. Included in this area is a Pick ‘n’ Click Music database which allows you to select a number of your Love It, Like It and Hate requests before your event!. However if you would prefer us to use our experience we will play a wide range of popular and suitable tracks. We can also extend this area to allow your guests to request a favourite track ahead of the event.

Can we meet with you face to face before our Event?
We are happy to meet you at your venue to discuss your requirements if you wish. However depending on distance and timings we may need to charge a nominal fee which we can add to your quote. If you don’t require a client meeting you can use our powerful intelligent website to organise our service.
What are your fees and what do they include?
Our fee is dependant on several factors, including the length of time your require us to play and the distance we have to travel. Our DJ and equipment packages for weddings start at £495 based on playing times of 730PM to Midnight at a venue within Twenty Miles of Market Harborough. Venues further away, longer playing times and optional enhancements will increase the overall fee – You can get an instant, no obligation online quote now by visiting our online tools page or by checking our availability.
I have been quoted £150 by another company, can you match that?
We realise that whilst looking for a DJ for your event you will receive quotes ranging from £100 to £1000 however our fees have been carefully worked out taking into account our experience, style of service, Tax and National Insurance Contributions and Business Running Costs to name but a few expenses of a legitimate DJ business – With the above taken into consideration we believe that our fees represent excellent value for money.
What does your equipment look like?
We specialise in offering a modern, tidy and discreet setup – there’s no old light boxes, police lights!

Best Wishes, Wayne

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