Meet your Wedding DJ, Wayne

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. You have reached this page as you are keen to know a little more about your prospective Wedding DJ (outside of being a Wedding DJ!).

This page exists as I feel it is important to be aqantances if I am to DJ or host your wedding.

My day job is as an Engineering Trainer/Assessor for the UK’s leading Civil and Defence Training Company. Before this, I DJ’d full-time in Bars, Clubs, and Weddings for several years. I have DJ’d for over 25 years, I am only 40!

In November 2022, I was elected as Chairman of the NADJ NEC.
NADJ exists to promote and educate all areas of the DJ industry in the UK.

Outside of my work life I am currently undertaking helicopter flying lessons which is where all of my Wedding DJ salary goes!

My flying journey began with Robinson R44’s and my goal is to attain Pilot Rating on Westland Scouts.

It’s a long process but flying is ‘something else’!


Following a Dream;

Whilst it is easy to create an illusion of wealth with helicopters, I would not consider myself to be financially wealthy by any definition of the term! I work two jobs and make sacrifices just like everyone else who is saving to get married, buy a house, raise kids or pursue their dream.

Charitable Donations;

Last year I began donating a % of each confirmed booking to local animal shelters and food banks in addition to an annual donation to The Brain Tumour Charity. I fully believe that based on my own life’s journey, we should all do what we can to bring joy to others.

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