Discreet Evening Wedding DJ

We have developed our discreet evening DJ package to provide a solution to a number of medical, aesthetic and off-peak requirements.

A medical example could be where couples or guests are at high-risk of epileptic seizure due to lighting.

An emotional example could be where loud noises cause discomfort.

An Aesthetic requirement could be lack of room within a venue.

And an off-peak requirement could be for weddings with a conservative number of guests or a wedding that falls Monday to Thursday (primarily a consideration as most midweek weddings finish an hour earlier at 11pm). 

As this package features less equipment, and shorter performance hours, I can offer it at a reduced rate subject to availability.

Picture of I want to be your Discreet Evening Wedding DJ!!!

I want to be your Discreet Evening Wedding DJ!!!

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Discreet Evening DJ


Click on the image to watch this package in action. See below for Seasonal and Early Settlement Concessions.

Discreet Evening DJ

Ideal choice for medical requirements and smaller weddings.
  • Professional Bose Audio Equipment.
  • DJ Playing live for up to 4 hours
  • Setting Up One Hour Before
  • BIG Catalogue Of Music Available
  • Submit Your Song Requests
  • Couple Area Access for Planning.
  • Virtual/Telephone Meeting
  • Terms & Conditions Apply

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