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Copyright Policy

For clarification purposes, this statement applies to all of the images and text on this site.

Many of the images on this site are owned by YNE Services, and are Copyright © YNE Services. All moral rights are asserted.

This site also makes use of “Stock Photography” and where these images are used, they are used in conjunction with the copyright holders’ terms and conditions. Appropriate licenses have been obtained by YNE Services for the use of these images on this site only.

Infringing use and licence charges

Legally, it is the responsibility of any publisher to ensure that the law is followed with the consent or licence of the copyright owner. ASK BEFOREHAND.

It is no defence to a copyright infringement claim to plead that the image was supplied to you by others – “my web designer”, another company or person, for example. The law states “it is immaterial whether any intervening acts themselves infringe copyright”.

Any original images or text copied illegally from this site will result in a legal claim being brought by YNE Services to seek compensation for the infringing use.

Very occasionally we grant permission for the reuse of our images. Commercial web use of our images is licenced at £500 per year (or part thereof) for each separate instance of the use of each image. This is the precedent which will form the basis of any unauthorised usage claim.

Any unauthorised use which fails to identify the copyright and moral rights owner will result in a minimum claim of at least £1000 per year (or part thereof) for each separate instance of the use of each image.

Anyone who falsely claims copyright ownership of our material will receive even higher damages claims.

Any non-original images or text copied illegally from this site will see YNE Services co-operating with the copyright holder in respect of any recovery action they may instigate. In accordance with our Privacy Policy all visitor activity on this site is logged and this information may be used to idenfity you in this situation.

Obtaining permission or licenses

If you would like to request permission to use our text or images, or purchase a licence, please contact us.


our promise:

Stuart and I have just returned from our honeymoon and we both wanted to say thank you for being part of our day. The Music Was Brilliant!

Claire & Stuart

Wadenhoe House

Our Wedding Disco was fantastic! Unlike most DJs you actually played peoples requests as well as the numerous songs that were asked for. Thank you for providing a great service!

Katherine & Mark

Priest House Hotel

Happy Couples
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Experienced Wedding DJs.
Friendly, Flexible Service.
Your Wedding, Your Way.
Appropriately Dressed.
Subtle Microphone use.
Listens and Works with you.
Online Client Area.
Modern Equipment.
Professional Approach.
Contingency Planning.
High Standards.
Written Confirmation
PAT inspected.
PLI & Event Insurance.
RAMS Paperwork.
Legitimate business.

What we do:

Wedding DJ Venues:

What our couples say:

Thank you for being one of our amazing wedding suppliers, you played a huge part of our day and will be forever grateful!

Hannah & David

Hothorpe Hall

I just wanted to say thank you for creating the most wonderful party atmostphere at Laura and Dans wedding at Kilworth House Hotel.

Your truly skillful, professional organisation and performance topped what had been an already great day!

Dawn Graham

Kilworth House Hotel

We were very impressed with the disco. You played a range of music appealing to all ages, playing the songs we had requested.

You were courteous and professional who was able to organise the crowd which made the evening enjoyable!

Cathy & Crispin

Kelmarsh Hall

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