Bethany and Martin at Ashton Lodge

At Ashton Lodge Country House, I had the privilege of DJing Danielle and Martin’s enchanting wedding.

Their first dance to Ryan Macks’ “Forever and Ever” set a romantic tone, while their love for old school classics kept the dance floor alive.

From timeless hits to nostalgic tunes, guests revelled in the musical journey. For the initial four hours, the dance floor was a hub of excitement, as all generations grooved together.

As midnight approached, tiredness led some guests to their hotels, but the memories lingered. The night was a testament to the power of music to unite, evoke emotion, and create cherished moments in a beautiful setting.

The timeline for Bethany and Martin at Ashton Lodge

 18:00DJ arrives to setup 
 19:00DJ starts
 19:55Bride/Groom Thank You 
 20:00Cake Cutting 
 20:10First DanceForever and Ever and Always – Ryan Mack
 20:30Evening Food Served 
 23:45Last Orders Announced 
 00:00Bar closes and Music Finishes

Bethany and Martin at Ashton Lodge Requests

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