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An Unforgettable Evening for Rebecca and Charlie at Park Farm

We were thrilled to provide the Classic Evening DJ for the wonderful Rebecca and Charlie, now Mr and Mrs Gerrity, at the picturesque Park Farm. It was a night to remember, filled with love, laughter, and an exceptional soundtrack.

**The First Dance**
The evening began with a touch of classic romance as Rebecca and Charlie shared their first dance to “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole. The timeless tune set the perfect tone for their special day, creating a magical moment that will be cherished forever.

**An Energetic Playlist**
From pop hits spanning the 80s to the 00s to Motown classics and iconic girl power anthems from the Spice Girls, the evening’s playlist was crafted to keep everyone on their feet. The groom’s love for hard rock was also well represented, ensuring a night of diverse and electrifying music.

**Key Highlights of the Evening:**

– **Dancefloor Anthems:** Halfway through the night, Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” filled the dancefloor with energy and excitement, creating a memorable highlight that had everyone singing along.
– **Evening Feast:** At 9.00pm, a delicious hog roast was served, providing guests with a tasty treat to keep their energy up for more dancing. The music continued to play through, ensuring the party atmosphere remained lively and fun.
– **Rock Classics:** Charlie’s favourite hard rock tracks, including hits from The Who, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, and Nirvana, added a powerful and dynamic edge to the evening, pleasing rock enthusiasts and energising the crowd.
– **Finale:** As the night drew to a close, the last dance was marked by the iconic “Hey Jude” by The Beatles at 11.55pm. This beloved classic brought everyone together for a final singalong, wrapping up the evening on a high note.

**Memorable Music Moments**
The combination of pop, Motown, and rock created a unique and engaging musical journey for all the guests. Tracks from the Spice Girls brought a sense of nostalgia, while Motown hits kept the dancefloor grooving with timeless rhythms.

**A Perfect End to a Perfect Day**
At midnight, the music concluded and guests bid farewell to Rebecca and Charlie with fond memories of a fantastic celebration. It was an honour to be part of their special day, providing the soundtrack to such a joyous occasion.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Gerrity! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.

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