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A Classic Evening DJ for Kiera and Dan at Crockwell Farm

Crockwell Farm provided the perfect setting for Kiera and Dan’s unforgettable wedding celebration. With its charming rustic backdrop and inviting atmosphere, the venue set the stage for a truly magical evening.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly their first dance. The couple chose “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs, a song that perfectly encapsulated their love story. As the sweet melodies filled the air, Kiera and Dan shared a tender moment on the dance floor, captivating their guests and setting a romantic tone for the rest of the evening.

For their entertainment, Kiera and Dan opted for our Classic Evening DJ package, which delivered a seamless blend of music that kept the dance floor alive all night long. Without any additional add-ons, the focus was purely on creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. The DJ curated a playlist that catered to all tastes, ensuring everyone had a reason to dance and celebrate with the happy couple.

From timeless classics to contemporary hits, the music selection was spot on, reflecting the couple’s personality and the joyous spirit of the occasion. Guests of all ages found themselves swaying, tapping their feet, and letting loose as the night progressed.

Kiera and Dan’s wedding at Crockwell Farm was a true testament to the power of love and the joy of celebration. It was an honour to be part of their special day, providing the soundtrack to their cherished memories.

If you’re planning your own wedding and looking for the perfect musical accompaniment, our Classic Evening DJ service is designed to make your night as memorable and magical as Kiera and Dan’s.

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