5-point guide on choosing music for your wedding

  1. Consider your musical tastes: You and your partner should think about the types of music you both enjoy and want to hear at your wedding. Make a list of your favorite songs and genres to help guide the DJ in selecting music that fits your style.
  2. Think about your guests: While it’s important to choose music you love, you also want to ensure your guests have a good time. Consider the age range and musical preferences of your guests when selecting songs. A mix of popular hits and classic tunes can help keep everyone on the dance floor.
  3. Coordinate with your DJ: Discuss your preferences and expectations with your DJ ahead of time. Be clear about the types of music you want to hear, as well as any songs or artists you don’t want played. A good DJ will be able to create a playlist that matches your style and keeps the party going.
  4. Consider the flow of the evening: The music played during your wedding should create a certain atmosphere and help set the tone for each part of the evening. Think about the type of music you want for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. Your DJ can help you create a playlist that flows seamlessly from one part of the evening to the next.
  5. Be open to suggestions: Your DJ is a music expert and may have suggestions for songs or genres that you haven’t considered. Be open to their recommendations, but also make sure they align with your vision for your wedding day. Ultimately, the music played at your wedding should reflect your tastes and make the celebration a memorable one.

Best Wishes, Wayne

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